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Check out our Recreation Link here.

How much does it cost?

Check out our Recreation Fee Schedule here.

How old must my child be to play?

For boys we offer soccer for U5 - U17. 
For girls we offer soccer for U5 - U18. 
Click here for the Age Group Chart with birth years. 

How do i pay "offline" with check or cash?

Check/Money Orders are made payable to EWSA and mailed to EWSA, PO Box 1496, Knightdale, NC 27545. If you would like to make an in-person Cash payment, email us at to schedule a date/time. Registration fees must be paid in full for players to be assigned to a team.

How do i get help with completing registration?

Registration must be completed online (here) to have access to league communication, game schedules and events.

The most common errors received are due to required fields being left unpopulated. Clicking the back arrow in your browser allows access to previous registration pages for changes.

The most common error on the Documents and Waivers page is entering the incorrect initials in the agreement fields. The grey writing in the box will provide the expected initials for consent. 

The most common error at checkout is not selecting the option to pay ONLINE or OFFLINE and continuing until the page outlining season details appears. 

If additional help is needed, contact us at

Why do you need to see a birth certificate?

Birth certificate verification is required by our governing body, NC Youth Soccer Association, for insurance and safety purposes. Player birth certificates may be uploaded through the registration process or emailed to for verification. Birth certificates must be verified to be assigned to a team.

My player's birth certificate was verified last season. Do i need to present it again?

EWSA maintains a database with player birth certificate verifications. If your player's birth certificate was verified Spring 2020 season or later, you do not need to present it again. 



When does the season start?

EWSA has 2 seasons, one in the Fall and one in the Spring season. As one could expect, from year to year, the dates change slightly. Below are rough time frames for the seasons.

Our Fall season typically starts at the end of August and runs for 8 consecutive weeks (normally – sometimes due to weather, Labor Day holiday or field closures, it may run a bit longer). The Spring season typically starts at the beginning of March and runs for 8 consecutive weeks (minus Easter Week) and typically ends in the beginning of May (again, it may run longer due to weather, a holiday or field closures).

Beginning of Season Meet-N-Greets are done 2 weeks before the first games of the season. This is where Coaches can meet their new players and parents, verify contact info and families pick up jerseys for the upcoming season.

What is a Meet-n-Greet?

A Meet–N–Greet is just that, meet with the coaches and other parents to get to know one another and get the pre-season logistics out of the way. Typically this is when the uniforms will be given to each player, the Zero Tolerance Policy and Parent Code of Conduct is reviewed, coaches start signups for drink/snack schedules, etc. Weather permitting, there will be a mini-game (appx. 15 -20 minutes) during the Meet–N–Greet, so players must bring shoes, shin guards, ball and be dressed to play.

Which age group would my child play for?

The age group is based on the year your child is born. The year cutoff is the calendar year. You can find the age group reference chart by clicking here. The "U" before the age stands for "under". For example the U5/U6 age group is typically comprised of 4 and 5 year old players.


The league provides home (white) and away (red) game jerseys. We ask that the parents supply everything from the waist down ... black soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks to cover the shin guards (any color) and soccer cleats. As well as the age appropriate soccer ball and a water bottle. 


Players in age group U5 – U8 use a size 3 ball. Players in age group U9 – U12 use a size 4 ball. Players in age group U13 – U18 use a size 5 ball.

do you provide professional coaches?

We are a volunteer run, community based, recreation soccer program. Our coaches are parent coaches and community volunteers. Some of our volunteer coaches have extensive playing experience and have coached before.  New coaches are trained by experienced coaches, formally, two times a season, with ongoing opportunities throughout the seasons.  

Please contact us at if you are interested in being a head coach or assistant coach for a team. We'll send you more information and link for the NCYSA background check that is required of all our volunteers that have direct contact with our players.

How do i volunteer to coach my child's team?

There is a question on the player registration form asking if a parent would like to coach. If the parent responds, yes, we will forward further information. Please also feel free to contact us at if you are interested in being a head coach or assistant coach for a team. 



Where are games played?

EWSA does not own any fields at this time. We rent the Knightdale and surrounding towns fields; thus, must compete a bit with other local sports for those fields.  In 2014, a partnership with the Town of Knightdale was formed and EWSA utilizes Knightdale Station Park (KSP) for the majority of our home games. In the fall seasons, we also have games at local elementary schools.

In addition, EWSA rotates where practices and games are played so no one field will get worn out from repetitive play. A list of our game fields can be found here.

For U10 and above , some local travel may be needed to fulfill a season of games. The higher the level of play, the further one may need to travel to play other organizations, most away games are within 20 minutes of KSP.  Other surrounding leagues are in the same situation, so we have agreed to play each other to fulfill our seasons and bring diversity to the playing field. We strive to all have the same set of field rules, however "home field rules" are utilized with playing any other league.

When and where are game schedules posted?

Game schedules are posted in Teamsnap, for each team, two weeks before the season begins.

When are games played?

Games are played on the weekends. Recreation games are typically on Saturdays with a possible game on Friday evenings or Sunday for weather make-up games or field availability. Sunday games are typically scheduled  1:00pm or later. The actual time may vary due to scheduling and age group (the older the age group, the longer the game).

Where are practices?

Currently Practice fields are KSP and Forestville Road Elementary School (FRES), depending on coaches choice, availability and age bracket. 

When are practices?

Practices typically start 2 weeks prior to the first game, right after the Meet-N-Greet. They are typically held Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, once a week depending coach preference.

Practice for U5/U6  and U7/U8 players is a community practice on Saturday mornings an hour before their game.




Players are assigned to teams Wednesday before the Meet-N-Greet. Teamsnap emails an invite once your player has been assigned to a team with a link to join the team. EWSA uses Teamsnap as its main communication software. You can set preferences to use this software from your smartphone or desktop. Please download the app and set your preferences for text and email reminders right away!

When ARE late registrants ASSIGNED TO TEAMS?

Players that register late are assigned to teams within three business days. 

My child was assigned to an age group higher than their age, why?

Age brackets are based on the player's birth year. Two birth years make up each age bracket. Specifically, at EWSA right now, we combine our U5/U6 into U6, U7/U8 into U8, U9/U10 into U10, U11/U12 into U12, U13/U14 into U14, and U17 (HS) bracket.

The birth years that make up each age bracket are found here

Our friends were placed on a team. Why haven't we received our team name?

Please check to see if your Teamsnap app has been activated and that updates have been downloaded. 

The Teamsnap email may have gone to your spam. If this is the case, settings may need to be changed in our email.

Birth certificate verification is necessary to be added to a team. If your team name is still "Birth Certificate", verification is still needed. They may be emailed to

Payment in full is necessary to be placed on a team. If payment has not cleared your account, this is likely why a team invitation has not yet been received.

If none of there reasons hold true in your case, please reach out to us at

Why haven't I heard from our coach?

Typically coaches load everything you need to know into the Teamsnap app. Please check out your team's Teamsnap site for events, teammates and coach contact information.



WHERE DO I FIND and how do I access TEAMSNAP?

From your computer, go to Sign in with your login and password.

From your phone, go to the app store and search Teamsnap. Teamsnap's logo is an orange square with a white star. Download the app and the updates. Look for the email from Teamsnap to join your player's team. Enter the app for the first time through the link at the bottom of the email. 

For more information click here.

Why haven't i heard anything from the league about the season?

All communication is sent through Teamsnap. Please make sure you are looking at messaging from Teamsnap by the league. The majority of correspondence starts the week before the Meet-N-Greet. There may be a quiet period between registration and initial messaging. Please visit for dates and times of upcoming events as they unfold. 

How do i turn off teamsnap automatic reminders for games and practices?

Check out the Teamsnap tutorial here




Every effort is made to accommodate special requests presented during the early and regular registration periods. 

I requested the same team/coach as last season. Why wasn't my request granted?

There are three common scenarios that hinder our ability to grant team/coach requests. (1) Age groups are comprised of two birth years. Typically, half of the team will move up to the next age group in the fall. The team name follows the coach as their child moves up to the next age division. (2) Most of our coaches are parent volunteers. Their children may decide to play competitive/travel soccer the following season.  (3) The request was received during late registration and the team was full.

Please note that we make every effort to keep returning team members together that are the same birth year.

I requested to be on a friend's team. Why wasn't my request granted?

There are three common scenarios that hinder our ability to grant these requests. (1) The friends may be in the same grade but have different birth years. The friends birth years put them in different age groups. (2) The friend may not have completed the registration process. (3) The request was received during late registration and the friend's team is full.

Please check with the friend to see if any of these scenarios are correct.


COVID-19 Spring 2020 Refunds

What is the most recent Spring 2020 season update, and will i receive a refund?

Return to Play Timeline
After much deliberation and with heavy hearts, the EWSA Board of Directors has made the incredibly tough decision NOT to make up the rest of, or continue the Spring 2020 season.
During this next phase, we will continue to work diligently with NCYSA and the Town of Knightdale to follow guidelines that ensure proper measures will be taken to promote a safe return to play for our soccer families, players and coaches.

Looking Forward
We will in turn, be putting all our volunteer man-power hours and full efforts towards FREE CLINICS in June at Knightdale Station Park (with the Phase 2 announcement) and the preparation of our next season. We are excited to look forward to the Fall 2020 season!

Refund Processing*
Within the next two weeks, we will be issuing partial refunds to all our soccer families that had paid towards this Spring season. This will be issued to your credit card or a check mailed to the address on your player registration, being in whichever format you used originally. As we are a non-profit organization, many families have inquired to donating their refund to the league. If you find it in your heart to do this, just reply to this email and we will issue you a charity receipt for your taxes.

*Refunds issued are based on age bracket. Please understand that much of our league costs for the soccer season occurs at the beginning of the season (ie. uniforms, insurance payments and state registrations) that there is no recourse for these. We regret we cannot refund a larger percentage and hope you understand the large financial loss the league has already incurred, even prior to issuing these refunds.


My player has advanced skills and is interested in playing at a higher level. What are our options?

Players interested in playing at a higher level are invited to tryout with our travel partner club, Neuse River Futbol Alliance. EWSA is currently offering an Academy level of play starting in Fall 2019. Throughout the season we have opportunities for NRFA Coaches to see our recreation players in action, be available for Q&A, and help run our community practices.  There is also an area on our registration to check into their off-season camps.