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Coaching Resources

2020 - 2021 Risk Management Application

Help us keep our kids safe! By North Carolina state law all volunteers working with youth must complete a background check and the Abuse Prevention Course. 
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Coaching Tips for New (and Old) Coaches

  • COMMUNICATION: Ensure the terminology you use is clear and precise. Let players know you are in charge.
  • POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: Whenever possible give individuals and/or groups positive reinforcement. Refrain from using negative comments. Use praise as an incentive.
  • BE CREATIVE AND USE INITIATIVE: If the drill or game is too advanced, modify to increase the chances of success.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Be motivational and inspirational. Enthusiasm and being energetic are contagious.
  • KEEP PLAYERS ACTIVE: If the drill is static, create need of helpers or assistants to keep everyone involved.
  • EACH PLAYER IS AN INDIVIDUAL: Be aware of player differences. Aggressive or quiet, recognition of player personalities will allow you to respond to all players, and they will respond to you positively.
  • STRIVE FOR QUALITY: In all demonstrations make the desired objectives clear. If a player shows mastery of a skill, use him/her to demonstrate.
  • REINFORCE CORRECT TECHNIQUE: In all drills and games continually emphasis the use of correct techniques.
  • ENCOURAGE PLAYER MOVEMENT: At all times make players aware of importance of readiness. Emphasize weight forward on toes and bouncing instead of flat footed-ness.
  • ROTATE POSITIONS: All players should be active as servers, assistants. In game situations change positions each quarter.
  • DEVELOP PLAYER RESPECT: Continually get players to support one another. To show good sportsmanship towards all players including opponents, and respect for others attempts and effort.
  • EQUALITY AMONGST PLAYERS: Give equal attention to all players in group or games. Do not leave the less competent players behind nor slow the advanced players.
  • FUN AND ENJOYMENT: Players will respond and want to continue if things are fun. Create their enjoyment.

Coaching Education

The GrassRoots License Course is the first step in your Coaching Education for the entry level coach. The philosophy is Play-Practice-Play.  It's a 4-hour course (part classroom and part on the field).  EWSA will reimburse you the registration cost with your receipt and proof of your completion certificate! Although this is not required to coach our Recreation teams, it's highly recommended.

** For more information on the GrassRoots License Course and higher licenses through NCYSA, please visit HERE


EWSA Coaching Information

EWSA has a coaching code of conduct…. Every coach is required to read, sign, date and return it to the league. It can be obtained here Coaches Code Of Conduct.

Have feedback for a coach … download the Coach Grade Card, fill it out, and return to any board member or mail it back.