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Age Groups

Age Group Chart For Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Player Birth Year Division
2016 U5 (Under 5)
2015 U6
2014 U7
2013 U8
2012 U9
2011 U10
2010 U11
2009 U12
2008 U13
2007 U14
2006 U15
2005 U16
2004 U17
2003 U18

In some cases, age groups will be combined. For example, U5 will play with U6’s because we combine to make the U5/U6 bracket.

The following age groups are combined:
U6 is U5/U6, U8 is U7/U8 players, U10 is U9/U10 players, U12 is U11/U12 players, U14 is U13/U14 players, U17 Boys are U15/U16/U17, and U18 Girls are U15/U16/U17/U18.

Age groups are combined to provide a greater variety of games and to work collaboratively with local leagues.